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Restoke is an example of why I’m optimistic about the future of participatory arts in Britain. This young, imaginative group have a real commitment to the highest standards both in the process of collaborative creation and in the artistic results they offer to audiences. The result is work that is memorable, beautiful and moving and that clearly means everything to those involved.


In 2009 our first project 'Benches' was inspired by conversations with strangers on public benches around Stoke-on-Trent. This led to an unshakeable commitment to centre our projects around the lived experiences of the people we live alongside. As our work developed, we sought ways of deepening participation in our projects, which has led to our unique practice of co-creation.

We create shows collaboratively with people telling their own stories, shaping their individual narratives into a unique collective performance. This process is supported by a team of professional artists who are highly skilled in community engagement. 

Restoke make a valuable impact on our local cultural landscape, demonstrating that community involvement and relevance to place need not constrain, but rather can be drivers for, innovation and artistic excellence. Their process is inclusive and ambitious yet uses resources with care and good sense.

Our Process

1:1 Conversations – We first undertake 1:1 conversations to open dialogues around the topics we're exploring. We take a rigorous ethical approach, ensuring everyone we engage with has an opportunity to stay involved and understands how the information they share may contribute.

Group sessions/sharing events – We organise community events to share experiences, interests and stories. Bringing people together who may not otherwise meet.

Workshops – As part of our projects we often hold creative workshops, as tasters of what to expect in our performance work and to engage more people in the performing arts in our city.

Research and development – We then take a committed group of people through to join us in exploring a new site and how we might create a performance together. We discuss ideas, sing, dance, write and eat together!

Rehearsal and performance – Finally we rehearse with our combined community and professional cast to realise a unique performance based on the journeys of all involved. We perform in iconic sites around Stoke-on-Trent, reanimating unused spaces.

Evaluation - We are committed to thoroughly  evidencing and evaluating our work as well as sharing the learning from our projects. You can view a copy of our most recent creative evaluation here (printed copies available on request)

 You Are Here Evaluation report


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